Welcome to the forest where fairies are real!!

Fire Sparkle: A fire fairy. She has fire, sun, and light powers. Her wings are see-through, so many times she appears to be floating. As a Queen, and a Sprakle, she gets to have a extra power, so she chose animals. She is like a fire, sometimes kind and gental, some times roaring. She tries not to be roaring a lot. Apprentice: Liri Husband: None

Lili: Is small, quick and pixi like, her short blond hair always pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes are dark blue. Her wings are large for her size, and are dazzling blue butterfly shaped ones. She can control water. Husband: None Apprentice: Laci

Tithe: I have long Brown hair with strands of green scattered throughout it. My eyes are deep, emerald green, like deep pools in the middle of a dense forest. My wings are clear and dragonfly- like and have the faintest of irridescent green tint to them. I am a healer and I am thoughtful and kind and love to help others. I am very gifted at healing and have the ability to control the element of earth. Apprentice: None

Sea Wing: A water fairy with sea green eyes. She has blond-bluish hair, and butterfly wings with streaks of blue and green in them. she can control water, and the animals in it. Apprentice: None
Husband: None
Blue Sea: long blond hair with streaks of sea blue and dragonfly wings with blue and green tinges controls water and can talk to animals. Husband: None Apprentice: None*U4ezsWwbWsGBMF-ZGwn4k2ElIXn4lkdUwirVlxtnqKHwvj3Xm30Mx*z2bTZL8u0C0w5E4RNmKoDf1sGB*wSOjbU3yNlLp/moonfairy.jpg
Silvermoon: A fairy of the moon and night sky with silver blue wings and long blue hair. She is kind and calming to anyone who is upset. She is a strong warrior. Her powers are freeze thing at a touch, nighttime vision, and can fly up as high as the moon. Her sister is Suni. Husband: None Apprentice: None

Meio: I have black Hair and brown eyes. I have thick Eyebrows and a black side burns and goatee with mustache. I have the powers of Love and Romance. My wings are all but invisible and i have a staff to fight and just to seem more majestic than I am. It haves an orb, a clear glass ball with circling Clouds of red, that helps me stay calm and holds a bit of my power. I have a crush on Fire Sparkle

Suni: a sun and light fairy with Golden Hair And fire red wings. She is very energetic and crazy at time. She is always on the move and doesn't like to sit still. She can make anyone happy. Her powers are Light, send balls of sun flying around and she can give energy to other fairies even if they are almost dead. She is a gatherer. Her sister is silvermoon. Husband: None Apprentice:

Frost: A small fairy with light brown hair and blue eyes. her powers are controling thigs of winter, snow, frost, cold winds ice, ect. Husband: None Apprentice: None
Cam: He has blonde hair and dark green eyes, he is a gatherer and has the power of wind. He is funny and kind and his younger brother is Dan.

Liri: Liri is tall, slim and willowy, as graceful as the flames. Her temper is as firey as her strickingly vivid red hair, and her eyes are bright gold, like candle light. Her wings are butterfly-like and are ruby-red. She, like her sister is an apprentice. Also, liri is a sparkle but hasn't found her second power yet. Mentor: Fire Sparkle
Laci: Laci is the complete opposite of her sister, calm, quiet and thoughtful. Her power is ice, she controls the night , moon and ice. Unlike her lucky sister, Laci is not a sparkle, but her destiny is more different than anyone could ever imagine. She is a singer, a rare type of fairy only found once every thousand years. Laci has long black hair and pale, silvery ice blue eyes. Her wings are the color of ice. Teacher: Lili

Dan: He has short brown hair and bright green eyes. His power is earth and he is training to be a warrior. His older brother is Cam. Teacher: None

Rick: Black hair and ice blue eyes. He is brave and courageous and has the power of fire. He is close with his twin sister raven and is training to be a warrior. Teacher: None
Raven: Her brother rick's exact copy, with her long black hair and pale, ice blue eyes and fair skin. She is kind of sharp tounged, but otherwise nice and fun loving. She is training to become a gatherer and her power is fire. Teacher: Suni

Females: None

Little ones: None

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